Even if you are an insomniac or have a sleep disorder, there are natural ways that can help you get to sleep. You don’t need to rely on addictive pills that can cause problems.




10 Naturally Ways to Fall Asleep


1. Cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT-I is an awesome way to treat insomnia. You regularly meet with a sleep therapist for sleep assessments. A sleep journal is a good way to track your progress and issues, and a therapist will help you change your sleep habits.


2. A big problem with falling asleep at night is a racing mind. You need time to wind down before jumping into bed to keep your brain from fretting. If you cannot go to sleep after 20 or 30 minutes get up and write down what is bothering you. Walk around the house. Move thoughts into a different part of your brain. This practice can be used by anyone and helps you re-associate your bed with sleep rather than thinking. Don’t do something stimulating or use bright lights, however.


3. Progressive muscle relaxation involves methodically tensing and relaxing all the muscle groups in your body. This technique reduces fatigue and improves sleep quality. Lie down, close your eyes and think about your body parts. Start with the feet and move up to the ankles.


Feel your knees and sense their weight. Ease them and feel them sink into your bed. Do the same techniques with our upper legs and thighs. Move to your abdomen and chest. Sense breathing and will your upper body to relax. Deepen breathing and mold yourself into your bed.


Pay attention to your buttocks, feel your hands, pay attention to your upper arms. Move to your shoulders and sense their weight. Relax them. Feel your neck and head. Sense their weight, relax. Consider your mouth and jaw. Deliberately relax them and pay attention to your jaw muscles. Unclench your jaws.


4. Your eyes may be tense, also. If you are forcibly closing your eyelids relax them. Mentally scan your body and consciously relax any tenseness you feel.


5. Meditation will quiet your mind.


6. Deep breathing can clear your body and prepare you for sleep.


7. A warm bath is very soothing. Soak and relax. Your body temperature will rise slightly and the rapid cool after your bath prepares the brain for sleep. A warm bath will give you a better quality of sleep.


8. Those who are physically active get better sleep than people who are couch potatoes. Try mild exercise before bed.


9. Yoga is a mind-quieting physical activity. It is the best of meditation and exercise. Let yoga be a way to intervene when you cannot sleep.


10. If you find that these do not work, try them in combinations.


Use lavender. A whiff of lavender before bed can result in deep sleep. You can use it in an essential oil, bath scrub or an eye mask.


Some say that reading a boring book just before sleep helps. Make sure, however, it is a boring book and not a stimulating novel that keeps your mind active.