Mattress technology has changed extensively even within the past 10 years if you have an older style mattress that isn't providing you with the right amount of support or the type of comfort so that you can get a full night’s sleep it might be time to change and take advantage of some of today's newest technology. Here are some of the top revolutionary designs in mattress technology.




Memory foam toppers: memory foam offers an amazing level of support from a mattress topper. While many mattress toppers from just a few years ago might be made out of traditional style foam, you can get memory foam today for roughly the same price and take advantage of better support, and a much cooler sleep.


Elastic cooling foam: if you find yourself regularly overheating in the middle of the night you could consider using the gel version of an elastic phone line that cools and seeks based off of your preferences. Based off of your body temperature the gel will conform to a certain temperature that best suits the way that you sleep.


Zone mattresses: while many mattresses seems to just have one level of support mattresses today are becoming contoured and you can purchase mattress toppers that have several different adjustments and features that will position your body perfectly for the way that you sleep. These types of adjustments are ideal for keeping your body ergonomically positioned throughout sleep and for reducing pain in muscle stiffness.


Portability: New companies are shipping beds in boxes that include full-sized mattresses direct to your doorstep with very little in the way it's set up or difficulty.


If you have an older bed now could be a great time to make the change so that you can see just how far technology has come for comfortable sleep.