Sleeping is one of the core most important activities that a person does during his life. It’s meant as the best way to rejuvenate ourselves, to rest from the grind of the day, and to replenish our energies. It’s a critical process for our life in fact, and we simply cannot operate well if we don’t sleep well. Being that it is one of the most important activities that a person can do in his life, there have been many debates on how to go about in the selection of the best way to sleep.




And one of the matters of this debate is the Japanese futons. These are not the traditional western beds that people in the west are accommodated to, but they’re unique. By now you should have had some experience with these beds, and you should know what they’re about.


Many people remember their college days when thinking about futons. They then feel that futons are bad for sleeping, and are the worst possible invention in the history of mankind. This is most likely because the futons that you’ve grown to hate in your college years are of the worst possible quality. They are full of holes and this makes them highly uncomfortable for use.


But though this may be the case with college experience, this isn’t how your permanent opinion on futons should be like. On the contrary, futons, if well designed, can be of exceptional use to you. They are perfect for activities such as sleeping, and if you sleep on a futon then you’re more than likely to wake up the next day fully refreshed and energized, ready to seize the day!


Moreover, the use of futons instead of conventional beds has its own benefits. Not to say the least, it’s cheap. You can save 3-4 times more on what you’d normally spend on a conventional, western style bed. And as we’ve mentioned, you’ll still have the top notch quality of your sleep.


A futon is a natural, 100% pure cotton bed. And you might as well enjoy the fact that you can easily sterilize it. This will free it of pollutants and parasites that may cause some allergies or diseases. This is the most critical aspect, because people tend to be worried about diseases. Well you sure won’t need to worry about this bit, because you’ll be practically immune.


Owning a futon will enable you the benefit of flexibility. We all know that feeling when we see a bed. It makes us somewhat lose our energy and concentrate on rest. Well, with a futon this needn’t be the case. This is because you can easily fold it up and put it in a locker or someplace else, effectively transforming your room into whatever you envision it to be for that particular day. Change your mind, and you can easily transform the room again into a bedroom, a place where you can comfortably sleep.


And there you have it, we’ve presented some of the reasons why sleeping on a futon can be good for you.