Who is a morning person?





Just as it implies, a morning person is someone who wakes up early in the morning to attend to his daily activities. Morning people are always happier, healthier and more successful. You most probably have heard the saying that the early bird catches the worm.


Though loads of people would like to wake up early, they find it difficult. This is not really difficult if you follow the tips outlined in this write up. Waking up early often depends on lifestyle; at least 80% of the cases.


However, unless you work graveyard shifts or you are a severe night owl, becoming a morning person will be easy by just following the steps treated in this write up.


Let’s get down to business already.


1. Commitment


Lifestyle change is not an easy thing. One way to go about becoming a morning person is to become committed. This starts by pinpointing a reason for wanting to become a morning person. It’s that reason or reasons that would serve as a motivating factor. You could go further by posting the reason or reasons in a glaring or noticeable place like your bathroom mirror.


Take another step by informing your friends or colleagues about your new goal so they can aid in keeping you on track. You should also know that your body will take a while to adjust to the new habit; it will take say about two weeks; so expect to be tired and don’t get discouraged.


2. Make it a Gradual Thing


Change is a gradual thing; so is the journey to becoming a morning person. If your normal wake up time is 9AM, don’t set your alarm for 4AM. This would be too drastic and you might not meet up. Make it gradual. The right thing would be to make it like 2hrs different. Later on down the road, you could make it earlier.


3. Don’t Bother with Bedtime


As a step to becoming a morning person, don’t bother with setting the proper bed time. The thought of doing this right is enough to keep you awake. The trick is going to bed when you are tired, which would be a reasonable hour if you do actually wake up at same time daily. It would be wrong to sleep at 3AM in the early hours of the morning and aim to wake up by 7AM. Aim for 7 – 8 hours of sleep each night.


4. Refine Your Evening Routine


It’s a good idea to refine your evening routine if you do desire to wake up early. Fixing all your activities after 5PM wouldn’t help you have a good night rest one bit. Prepping up your work clothes and other minor tasks can be done very early in the morning rather than stressing up your evening with such tasks and ending up waking late.


5. Cut Down on Techy Gadgets


It has been proven that cell phones and computers emit blue light that inhibits the production of melatonin, a hormone responsible for sleepiness. Bearing this in mind, keep away from your tech gadgets and avoid bright lights, say an hour before going to bed. If you happen to have roommates, or a partner that loves such things, invest in a pair of yellow sunglasses which helps in blocking blue light.


6. Find the Reward


It is a good idea to build a reward into your morning routine. Fix up some activities for yourself to do in the morning; and if you don’t have any, build some. Then reward yourself for carrying out such tasks, maybe with watching a funny YouTube clip or meeting a friend for breakfast.


7. Eat Breakfast


Eat breakfast. Many people skip their breakfast, and this is not good. I am not talking about grabbing some donuts every morning. They contain carbohydrates and make you drowsy. Protein packed foods on the other hand increase your dopamine levels and invariably your alertness.


8. Decide When to Exercise


Exercising make you sleep well; and when you sleep well, you are bound to wake up early. Proper exercising is one real step to becoming a morning person. It is believed that exercising between the hours of 5PM and 7PM helps improve sleep quality but ensure to finish 3 hours before bedtime, so your elevated adrenaline levels don’t keep you up. On the other hand, you could exercise in the early hours of the morning. It is proven that exercising in the morning helps reduce blood pressure and stress as well as weight loss. All these will aid in better sleep. It is now left for you to pick the one that suits you most. Evening or morning exercises.


9. Be Consistent


You have to be consistent in your waking up if you truly want to be a morning person; and not just on weekends. Morning people get up early every single day of the week. There is no exception. If it so happens that you are out late, take a nap or go to sleep early the next night, but wake up at the same time.


10. Watch the Supplements


Keep away from alcohol or caffeine anything from 3PM while working on your new routine, since both disrupt sleep. It is also advisable to take melatonin supplements to help you feel tired. Take 0.5 mg 8 hours after waking, and more if needed at bedtime.


In conclusion, becoming a morning person is not a difficult task. It all depends on some adjustments on your present lifestyle, and then you will see how easy it is. There are loads of benefits in becoming a morning person, so it would pay you to start on it today.